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   John Yuasa is a consultant that focuses on executive management techniques for non-profit organizations.  He does this through providing strong strategic planning and sustainability methods.  This approach to assisting non-profits works by building a strong infrastructure based upon sound principles of business and economic development.

   A senior executive with over 40 years of excellent experience in the non-profit, government and private sectors, he can assist you in many ways to expand and build your organization.  He has started companies, built strong boards of directors, raised funds to support operations and programs, created and carried out capital investments, hired and directed large numbers of employees, and managed sound financial systems.  In his work as a consultant, he has conducted trainings, directed workshops, evaluated programs, written proposals, and planned many conferences.

   John's strong expertise in business management practices will not only help you carry out your organization's mission but will, at the same time, bring long term sustained growth to your programs.

   To learn more about John and how he can help your organization, please refer to the About and Services tabs.

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